Windupapps™ is a place where things come together. As the name implies "things wind up becoming an app of some sort".


Initially, I created the site to route mobile users to the appropriate app store. An app developer should have an app website. Right?

Then I thought it would be cool to create web versions of my apps. Converting my Fertility™ app to a web app was interesting but not fruitful. Still a cool idea. But shelved for later.


Today, the focus is delivery and value. The plan is to do monthly updates. With each update adding a little more value to the site.

My app store accounts have since closed. And only the Android apps live on through places like APKPure: Windupapps™, and apkmonk: Standup™ | Fertility™. A sad farewell. But not the end.


Next update scheduled for August 15, 2020.

: APKPure

: apkmonk ( Standup™ )

: apkmonk ( Fertility™ )



Content updates.

store Company Page

Tab for release notes.

Sideload Page

Info page for each app. App icon is clickable.



Page layout and navigation changes.

Home Page

There's a home page now. And the app descriptions are clickable.

store Company Page

Grouped and revised company details.

Sideload Page

Links to my apps on APKPure: Windupapps™ and apkmonk: Standup™ | Fertility™.